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What to do when you receive your DNA testing kit…

Thank you for ordering your DNA test with us. In this video the Director of Complement Genomics Ltd, the provider of the thatdnacompany service offer you some advice on signing the consent from, taking the sample and returning them to our laboratory (please note there is one swab per donor, not two as it says in the video).

  1. The contents of the kit are: The consent form, a labeled sampling swab (one for each person), the return envelope and the receipt form.
  2. Please check the consent form for accuracy and if you are happy with this, please have all participating persons sign where indicated. We cannot process your samples unless we have the consent of all of those taking part in the test.
  3. Please wash your hands before taking the sample and ideally, do not smoke, eat or drink (except water) in the hour before sampling.
  4. Match the labeled swab to the person being tested and one at a time, snap the seal, take the swab out of the container (do not touch the tip), insert into the mouth, press onto the cheek and rub the swab in a circular motion 8 to 10 times. Place the swab back into the container and press the lid into place.
  5. Please put the swabs and the signed consent form into the prepaid envelope and post! Please retain the receipt form, which contains your case number, just in case you need to contact us.
Family DNA

We have a solution for all your DNA testing needs

If you would like a sibling, grandparentage or aunt/uncle DNA test, then we can do that too!

Please call to discuss your case with one of our experienced and helpful case managers.

That DNA Company: Extended Services

Legal DNA test

Do you require a DNA test for legal purposes? (An accredited test)

This is for changing the name on a birth certificate at the Registrars office, family court proceedings, inheritance disputes, liaison with either the Child Support Agency (CSA) or the immigration authorities. As this is a different level of service, please click here to contact the laboratory by e-mail.

Email The Lab
Sibling DNA testing

Do you require DNA tests to
determine other relationships?

This could be brother/sister, mother, uncle/auntie, grand parents. Again, this is a different service and you will need to talk to the laboratory. Please click here to e-mail our laboratory.

Email The Lab