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Family DNA

We have a solution for all your DNA testing needs

If you would like a sibling, grandparentage or aunt/uncle DNA test, then we can do that too!

Please call to discuss your case with one of our experienced and helpful case managers.

That DNA Company: Extended Services

Legal DNA test

Do you require a DNA test for legal purposes? (An accredited test)

This is for changing the name on a birth certificate at the Registrars office, family court proceedings, inheritance disputes, liaison with either the Child Support Agency (CSA) or the immigration authorities. As this is a different level of service, please click here to contact the laboratory by e-mail.

Email The Lab
Sibling DNA testing

Do you require DNA tests to
determine other relationships?

This could be brother/sister, mother, uncle/auntie, grand parents. Again, this is a different service and you will need to talk to the laboratory. Please click here to e-mail our laboratory.

Email The Lab