Larger portions contribute to obesity crisis

The obesity crisis in the UK is becoming of great concern as the UK has the highest level of obesity in Western Europe, with 1 in 4 British adults being classed as obese.

One contributing factor to the obesity crisis is the encouragement of unhealthy foods and larger portions by businesses in the food industry.

This is a marketing ploy used by supermarkets, restaurants, fast food outlets and coffee shops, not at the request of the customer, but as a tactic to help increase sales and profit.

Up-selling offers such as larger coffees, bigger meal size and extra sides are experienced by 78% of people a week, according to a poll carried out by the Royal Society for Public Health and Slimming World [1].

This research has shown that up-selling marketing strategies from businesses in the food industry could cause the public to consume an extra 17 000 calories a year, which is the equivalent to gaining an extra 5lbs in 12 months.

Health experts have suggested that businesses need to stop including up-selling techniques in training of staff and should encourage the selling of healthy alternatives.